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Top 10: Essential Biology Lab Equipment – Part 1

New research is always being carried out, with new equipment being released constantly. However, there are the essentials to a biology lab, items which are crucial to a foundation of a great lab.

Just a handful of equipment can start you on your way to running a successful operating laboratory. Check out part 1 of our count-down of all your basic but important bio equipment.

Safety First

When working in an environment that could include potentially dangerous tools, materials and equipment, this saying certainly goes. Wearing the correct PPE, and following the right safety procedures and protocols can be crucial. Kitting your lab out with the right equipment such as a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher, especially when using Bunsen burners or flammable chemicals, is a big one. Although they don’t come cheap, a great investment in your lab could be a fume hood. They are normally used in a biology lab daily and can be essential to research and experiments.

PPE works alongside the equipment in everyday activities in the lab. Every scientist should be kitted out with gloves, protective eye wear, and a lab coat, otherwise any spill or splash could be an unhappy ending.


It may seem like a given, but water plays an essential part in any lab; particularly a biology specific one. Having the correct equipment to be able to freeze, wash and dilute work is essential. Most labs require a fridge and a freezer, or even better, a machine that does both!

Next up, a water purifier is also a fantastic addition. Whether dissolution testing or glassware rinsing, a pre-treatment step for h20 can be a basic need. Finally, a water bath or an incubator. Chemical reactions and temperatures of solutions need to be maintained, and these machines can control temperature and allow precise management.

water purifier

Computer Tech

Within a biology lab, some jobs may include day to day operations of tissue sectioning, separation or identification, which may require a cryostat. Most, if not all human orientated research necessitates a cryostat on hand.

In this modern day, within research, you will require a computer. The idea of a lab with no laptop, for most scientists, is unthinkable and unbearable. From budget management to running test results, or collecting data, a lab can feel incomplete without one. Consider what computer tech you may need in your lab, and don’t forget about the simple stuff, such as calculators and electrical thermometers.


Microscopes are key and no true bio lab can be a fully operating facility without them. They are the foundation of biology experiments and are a necessity for all medical research labs. To even carry out the simplest of actions such as examining insects or cloth fibres, you need a trusty microscope.

Very few labs can’t survive without a centrifuge as well. These handy machines clarify and concentrate tested samples and work to separate substances, vortex shakers and stir plates mix materials together. Liquids inside of vials combine until at a certain level of suspension. Stir plates- common in home brewers can also increase cell counts. All these aspects, dependant on work can be vital to a biology lab.

Heating Equipment

One of the most important variables in a lab; whether biological or chemical experiments is temperature. One of the most common examples is when needing to heat a sample. Much equipment can do this; from a Bunsen burner, a lab oven, a hot plate or an incubator.

The Bunsen burner is perhaps the most well-known piece of heating equipment, but sometimes other equipment can be more suitable, as an electronic heater using an open flame can be more accurate in more specific conditions of an experiment.

Here at International Scientific, we specialise in high quality science and lab equipment in and around the UK. Whether you just need a top up on some new biology lab equipment, or you are starting from scratch, we can certainly help! Don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we would love to help you get your perfect bio lab together, with the best equipment.



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