We know how severely chemical spills can disrupt laboratory operations and damage valuable material, so our chemical spill kits are designed to quickly and effectively clean any solvent, caustic, or acid spill that might occur in the laboratory. Our spill kits provide you with trustworthy equipment so that you have the confidence of a cleaning solution for any spills. Our constant dedication to safety in the laboratory transpires through our quality spill kits, engineered to perfection.
The Solvent Spill Clean Up Kit contains: · Two vinyl exam gloves so you can handle the materials safely · Diatomaceous earth to absorb the solvent spill quickly and effectively · A dust pan and brush to sweep the earth into the polybags · Twist ties to close the bags · Shipping tags · Instruction sheet/MSDS to ensure that you are aware of the exact procedures needed to handle the kit and clean the spill. When dealing with a caustic spill, the vermiculite absorbent is essential to clean and contain it. The neutralising mixture of citric acid, anhydrous, and litmus powder counteracts the acidic spill to ensure that it doesn’t cause any harm. The instruction sheet and the vinyl exam gloves will provide you with a guide and safety procedures to sweep the mixtures into the polybags with the dustpan and the brush. Like with the other spill kits, the acid spill kit contains the necessary vermiculite absorbent and the neutralising mixture of calcium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and litmus powder guarantee that any acid spills are quickly and efficiently neutralised. The instructions, vinyl gloves, dustpan and brush, along with the twist ties and the shipping tags complete the spill kit for safe handling and bagging.
At International Scientific Group we strive for continuous excellence and quality of our products, which is why we never stop working alongside our partners around the world to provide trustworthy and consistent products. To find out more about our Spill Kits, you can contact us or give us a call on 01366 385 777 and we’ll happily help you.