A laboratory environment has many dangerous substances like acids and amines that can accidently splash when being used. Having protective eyewear is compulsory to prevent lasting injuries while using any laboratory equipment or substances. Our safety spectacles are designed with hazardous environments in mind, where the possibility of splashing or an eventuality of a small explosion projecting particles were considered. The polycarbonate material will not shatter ensuring that you can have peace of mind when working in the lab.
Polycarbonate is the strongest material for impact resistance, which still allows for lightweight safety spectacles. This material has exceptional resilience and strength against impacts. Unlike glass, polycarbonate isn’t heavy or uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. While in the lab, splash back is always a big concern. Working with hazardous substances or glassware in the laboratory places you at risk ofsmall particles being sent to the air. Protective eyewear prevents any particles from entering your eyes, whether they’re liquid or solid. These particles can be very damaging to your eyesight: scratching, irritation, and blindness are possibilities when the eyes are left unprotected. If you accidently touch or wipe your eyes, you might sweep substances into your eyes and cause permanent injury. We offer both lightweight and premium safety spectacles for optimum protection in the laboratory. The lightweight option is efficient and safe, offering the necessary layer of defence between your eyes and harmful liquids. The premium safety spectacles have an added durability and security to guarantee that your eyes don’t suffer any harm.
Protecting the eyes in the laboratory is very important and here at International Scientific Group we offer a range of safety spectacles and safety goggles for any work requirement. If you want to order safety equipment or any other of our products, you can contact us on 01366 385 777 to speak with our skilled team.