Accidents in laboratories can be particularly damaging to the eyes. Our laboratory safety goggles are designed to avoid any potential splattering and damage to the eyes, especially with the corrosive and acidic substances found in most scientific environments. Having safety eyewear equipment that is dependable is vital in the laboratory, and we are aware of how important health and safety measures are, so we always guarantee that our lab safety goggles comply with EN166-FT.
Safety goggles are an important piece of safety equipment for any laboratory to own. During normal laboratory procedures there is a high chance for eyes to be exposed to substances like corrosives, acids, bases, and any other harmful chemical that is handled. With laboratory safety goggles you can protect your eyes from splattering and chemical particles. In event of a small explosion occurring, your goggles will ensure that glass or other materials don’t enter your eyes. It is also important to wear safety goggles if your laboratory handles substances that irritate the eyes or could damage the cornea. Our polycarbonate goggles come complete with an adjustable strap to allow for the goggles to be easily worn and adapted to the wearer. They conform to EN166-FT, which means that they have guaranteed minimum resistance to everyday risks. These risks also include dropping the protective eyewear on the ground, exposure to heat and corrosion, and ageing by light exposure. The ‘F’ means low energy impact; the goggles resist a 6mm, 0,86g ball at 45m/s which is the maximum protection for glasses. The ‘T’ means that our laboratory safety goggles are authorised for use for high speed particles at extreme temperatures, which makes them extremely safe.
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