Wearing latex gloves is essential in a lab environment where spillages can be extremely dangerous, as you might handle biological or water based materials on a daily basis that can cause a lot of damage when they come into contact with your skin. At International Scientific Group we have both lightly powdered and powder free disposable latex gloves. Our powder free latex gloves are ideal if you have a latex allergy, as they shield your hands without compromising your skin’s protection.
Similarly to lab coats, latex gloves add an extra layer of protection to your skin. Your hands handle all of the substances in the laboratory, which increases the risk of transference if you don’t wear gloves. High quality gloves won’t tear and can easily contain any spillage before it reaches your hands. The lightly powdered smooth gloves are made of natural rubber latex; the light powder helps ease the donning of the gloves, to ensure that you can quickly switch to a new pair. All gloves are single use for maximum hygiene and safety. Our lightly powdered gloves have an ambidextrous design for more efficient use. Like the lightly powdered gloves, our powder free micro textured latex gloves are beige and non-sterile, with the benefit of being ambidextrous and single use only. Powder free gloves are ideal for minimising allergies; the process of removing the powder involves ‘washing’ the glove, which lowers the protein and chemical content of the latex. The beaded cuff gloves, both lightly powdered and powder free, come in packaging with 10 cartons, each having around 100 pieces, plus or minus two gloves. We provide a range of powder free or lightly powdered latex gloves from a small size to an extra-large size, ensuring that you can find well-fitting gloves to safely handle equipment.
Latex gloves are an important part of laboratory safety, and we offer a wide range that are sure to fit any hand size. If you would like to have more information about our disposable latex gloves or any other laboratory equipment we have, you can contact our team on 01366 385 777. We will happily help you find the best solution for you.