Lab aprons from International Scientific are an integral part of safety in a science lab. Whether you’re in a science lab for work, or if you require them for your students, International Scientific stock only the best lab aprons and disposable lab aprons. These products are made of only the highest grade protective materials, providing the perfect durability and safeguarding against corrosive or otherwise harmful chemicals.
Choose between a reusable or disposable lab apron with International Scientific’s lab apron range. The PVC apron is a fantastic piece of protective gear and is far lighter and more cost-efficient than rubber aprons. As well as this, thanks to the specific properties of the PVC apron, the material is more solid than traditional rubber aprons, which makes it easier to wash off any unwanted and hazardous chemicals that may have spilled onto the apron during laboratory experiments. You can benefit from this tactile design, which comes complete with detachable straps for your convenience. Alternatively, take a look at our disposable lab aprons, which are conveniently packaged in quantities of one hundred. As these disposable lab aprons are made from polyethylene, they are well known for their flexibility and durability. As well as this, these disposables are fully recyclable and provide robust protection against corrosive chemicals due to their water-resistant nature.
If you’re looking to purchase the complete attire for proper safety in a science lab, you may also be interested in looking at International Scientific’s safety goggle range, which provides the ultimate protection for your eyes when dealing with dangerous materials. It may also be beneficial to browse through our entire lab safety equipment range to ensure maximum protection for yourself and the welfare of others when conducting lab work.
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