Staying safe is perhaps the most important factor to consider in the lab, so we have a vast range of effective and affordable lab storage equipment that can ensure your lab safety. Our first-rate inventory is constantly being refreshed, so you know you’re getting the latest specifications. As for storage, labs are busy places and, with so much going on, it becomes necessary to have specific places to store all materials and resulting solutions. Our efficient storage equipment will also make your lab more organised, so you can find everything quickly and minimise the risk of tripping or slipping.
If you’re handling substances that carry the risk of chemical or physical hazard, it’s important that you stay protected in case of spillages. To reduce the exposure to such substances, labs are required to carry health and safety equipment to promote the wellbeing of all employees. Our superior range of safety equipment ensures that you can keep your lab up to standards without stretching your budget. Safety equipment is not only needed in case something goes wrong during the experiment. In most cases, they’re vital to the process itself, since they allow you to hold containers at high temperatures with silicon gloves or protect your eyes if you’re dealing with a bubbling liquid. Storage equipment is also invaluable to any lab. When you’re working in the lab, your containers cannot be placed on countertops or other similar spaces that you need to perform the experiments, especially if you’re dealing with hazardous substances. Having sturdy, reliable cabinets specifically designed to hold these is a great solution. If clutter is reduced, you can reduce the risk of spilling or breaking something.
Our products are always of the highest quality possible, as we understand the demands and stress that can be put on them during science experiments. We stock a wide variety of safety and storage equipment, from nitrile gloves to aprons and fire blankets. We also offer first aid kits to help in any eventuality.
We strive to offer not just high quality, bespoke equipment, but also great customer support, so if you’re interested in our safety and storage equipment contact our team today and we’ll be happy to talk to you. You can also call us on 01366 385 777.