Here at International Scientific Group we want you to make the most of your scientific experiments, so we are committed to provide you with affordable, high quality products for your work in the lab. And because we know how vital it is that your lab has the appropriate containers to stir, mix and heat liquids, we offer a range of plastic beakers that obey those high standards. This way, not only will your solutions be measured to perfection, but you can be confident in the knowledge that our efficient beakers are designed to make your experiments safer.
The large variety of beakers in our plasticware range comes in different sizes, which makes them suitable for all your laboratory needs. The benefits they offer are plenty. Because they’re made of sturdy materials like polypropylene and TPX, they’re shatter-proof and resistant to chipping, and also have great chemical resistance to the common lab reagents. They also provide great accuracy in your experiments and reduce the opportunities for mistakes, as the raised graduations moulded into the plastic allow them to offer an easier use and reading of the liquids. Some of our first-rate plastic beakers have a tripour capacity, which means they have three pouring spouts that allow a more accurate flow of the liquids in the beaker. And some are also highly resistant to heat, so they can be placed in autoclaves or used to heat substances. With our plastic beakers being reusable, they’re eco-friendly - you can clean them and let them dry on a rack before using them again. Our products are not only top quality, but they’re also reasonably priced so that you don’t have to worry about going over budget.
Our passion for delivering outstanding services lets us develop the latest news in terms of labware and lab equipment for all our customers. It also allows us to offer exceptional customer support, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call us on 01366 385 777 and a member of our team are on hand to help you.