Here at International Scientific Group we know that assurance in the quality of the equipment you use is vital to a great lab environment. This is especially true when you have to deal with delicate machinery and perform experiments that require placing materials and substances under elevated temperatures. This is because high pressure settings might lead to mistakes if your equipment is not top notch. We are committed to ensure you receive only the best products available, and our autoclave bags are no exception to this.
These special bags allow you to properly make use of an autoclave, since the plastic bags you employ on a daily basis are not enough to allow sterilisation. The autoclave bags on our plasticware range have blue biohazard markings that change tone after sterilisation temperatures are achieved – we can also offer autoclave tape that offers the same visual cue. Our disposable bags can endure up to 132°C (270°F) and, due to the high quality heavy gauge polypropylene that they’re made from, they’re also highly resistant to stretching and leaking. Each bag also comes with a white panel so that you can write relevant notes directly onto it. This is extremely convenient to ensure everything is properly labelled and identified. They can also be used to dispose of biohazardous waste, as the pressurised steam of an autoclave can destroy microorganisms and decontaminate your lab equipment. As with our other products, we like to offer labware tailored to your specific needs, and the demands of your experiments, so our autoclave bags come in three different sizes you can choose from.
You can use our autoclave bags in different scientific fields, because they allow you to perform your sterilisation processes with ease and always with the assurance of a high quality product. We have a specialised team on hand to answer any questions you might have regarding these and other plasticware items, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call us on 01366 385 777.