Microscopes are a staple of every modern laboratory and have been contributing to the advancement of science since their creation. They are capable of being adapted to any working procedure and to you as well, since they’re usually ergonomically designed. Microscopy has evolved greatly over time, and we are excited that it continues to evolve, so we intend to keep designing high quality microscopes. We offer microscopes that are precision-engineered and have sturdy frames and top quality steel, as well as the best optics in the market It’s our intention to make sure our line of microscopes is designed to fit every scientific setting, and every requirement you need to meet, as well as the demands of your job.
Without microscopes it would impossible for you to study anything that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, which means its invention revolutionised all fields of science. In the modern lab microscopes play an important role: they allow you to examine viruses and bacteria to a microscopic level, so that the development of vaccines and treatments can continue.
The advent of the microscope opened the way to a whole new dimension in science, and they still remain important, if not vital, to every modern laboratory. At ISG we understand this, so we take pride in supplying top quality microscopes to meet your needs. All of our microscopes are state-of-the art, and come with a lifetime warranty, as well as maintenance and repair services, in case you require them. Amongst our range are stereo, binocular and trinocular microscopes, all of which have accessories available so that you can use them to their full extent.
Our team is available to supply you with information on all of our products, so if you want to know more about our microscopes just get in touch or call on 01366 385 777. At International Science Group we take pride in not only providing the proper equipment for your lab, but also offering great customer support, so we strive to answer all queries as quickly as possible.