The work done in laboratories is aided by a vast array of instruments and scientific labware, some of which make up the essential heart of the scientific experiments, like our range of plasticware and glassware. The others are equally important and form the backbone of any laboratory. After all, without objects like burners or test tube racks it would be difficult to conduct all the necessary experiments – so at International Scientific Group we want to give you the best labware possible to assist you in your work.
We set the standard for quality and superior performance for all of our lab equipment, and we pride ourselves on helping you protect and develop your research. Faulty equipment is not only hazardous for your health, but it also compromises the integrity of your experiments. This means that high quality equipment is essential in any scientific context, because you shouldn’t have to be distracted or concerned about the quality of your labware and, therefore, how they would react when put under stress or high pressure, for instance. Our reliable products allow you peace of mind and complete focus on your work.
Laboratory equipment is meant to be used in a wide variety of settings and experiments, and its quality needs to be top notch to handle a range oftemperatures and chemicals. All of our products are created with you in mind, and we offer gear for every situation possible. Our catalogue is large and encompasses products like draining racks, so that your instruments can be rinsed and put to dry; autoclave tape for when you need to know when a piece of equipment has reached a certain temperature; and gauze wire for all your chemical uses.
No laboratory and, for that matter, no scientific experiment, would be complete without the appropriate equipment. At ISG we offer the latest technology available to assist you in the lab, and we pride ourselves on supplying our clients with top quality products. Get in touch with us or call us on 01366 385 777 to order the equipment you desire, and a member of ISG will help you during the process.