Purification through the latest advanced water deionizer equipment from International Scientific is used for the process of removing chemicals, both organic and inorganic contaminants, as well as gases from water. The ater deionizer is an incredibly useful for medical, pharmacological, chemical or industrial requirements, as the ultra-purified Type I 18.2MΩ water produced from the deionizing filtration process (utilised within the products sold) is able to remove almost all impurities, including suspended particulates, bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.
The use of International Scientific’s water deionizer equipment is an incredibly cost-effective solution for purifying water that’s needed for extremely delicate laboratory apparatus, which is designed to detect chemicals at very minimal concentrations. International Scientific guarantees that you are receiving only the highest-quality DI units from our water deionizer range. Starting at just £86.70 with the Water Deionizer Cartridge for basic water purification requirements, International Scientific’s unique packaging ensures that you know when to change your filters with the easily detectable colour-changing segment. The more advanced products available take advantage of the latest innovative EDI technology, which replaces traditional deionization methods, making models such as the ISG Fusion 160 water deionizer produce up to 50 litres of purified water per day from a mains supply; this is extremely useful if you wish to produce large quantities of purified water in a small timescale. Using the latest advancements in technology, most of products sold by International Scientific are able to purify water via physical processes such as reverse osmosis, as well as chemical processes such as electromagnetic radiation using ultraviolet light.
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