In scientific environments, to spin liquid samples at high speed, you will require different types of lab centrifuges that will allow for different liquid separation. These laboratory centrifuges work by separating substances with centripetal acceleration. Our wide range of centrifuges, rotor kits and adaptors will ensure that you have the perfect, affordable solution for your needs. You will safely be able to use our products with the guarantee of security and efficiency.
The high speed ISG micro-centrifuge is ideal for high end research like sedimentation of viruses and cells, separation of sub-cellular organelles, and preparation of specimens in cellular and molecular biology. It has a 24 x 1.5/2.0ml rotor composed of high-strength aluminium that is completely autoclavable. This centrifuge has the unique features of a special multi-flow air cooling system that aids in keeping a low rotor temperature, and sensitive samples protection from damage due to the temperature displays. For an industrial high speed centrifuge solution, our refrigerated centrifuge from ISG is ideal for university research and medical laboratories, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, and clinical laboratories and blood donation centres. You will easily be able to separate sub-cellular organelles and isolate macromolecules (like DNA, RNA, proteins, and lipids), and also separate viruses and cells. Our mini centrifuge will allow for proper chemical and physical analysis, use in clinical laboratories, and University and Industrial research laboratories. It has a 12 x 1.5/2ml rotor that can easily be converted for 0.5, 0.2ml tubes and PCR strips with use of our adaptors. It conforms to international safety standards and is tested according to IEC/EN 61010-1. For medical applications, like determining volume fractions of erythrocytes in blood and separation of micro blood and solution, the ISG haematocrit centrifuge is the perfect choice. It can also aid in extracting DNA and RNA. This affordable centrifuge’s 24 x 2ml rotor makes it an exceptional high speed unit. If you are looking for an affordable solution for educational purposes, the ISG Clinical centrifuge will allow for University and Medical research of separation of serum, plasma, blood samples, and urea. With a user-friendly LCD screen, your students will be able to see RPM and G force information, and easily modify the set speed.
Here at International Scientific Group we endeavour to find solutions for laboratory equipment that will suit your needs at affordable prices. If you want to know more about our wide range of high-quality products, you can get in touch by calling us on 01366 385 777 to speak with our highly-skilled team.