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International Scientific stock a wide array of heating products, each of which is specifically designed with unique heating purposes in mind. For instance, our waterbaths come complete with a backlit LCD display and integrated countdown timer, and are ideal for heating substances at variable and accurate temperatures. For a more concentrated and constant heat source, check out our electric burners, which are an excellent alternative to Bunsen burners if you find yourself without a gas supply. With many other laboratory equipment products stocked by International Scientific used for heating, such as rotary evaporators, hotplates and stirrers, as well as our heating mantles, ovens, incubators and furnaces ranges, you’ll be able to heat substances with precision regardless of the size of the container or desired temperature.
Make sure your results are error-free with our selection of control and measurement tools. Take a look at our melting point apparatus to precisely measure temperatures to within 0.1°C. For measuring and identifying substances, see our spectrophotometer range – the perfect complementary utility for conducting experiments with unknown or toxic gaseous chemicals and solutions. We also sell various liquid handling tools which are crucial for minute extractions and insertions. Our traditional scientific balance scales are superior to basic scales due to their resolution of 0.01g, and also come with backlit LCD displays for your convenience.
With many more products in our lab equipment range, such as autoclaves, centrifuges, water deionizer devices and more, you can rest assured that International Scientific is your first and only stop for online laboratory equipment shopping.
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