Glass test tubes from International Scientific come available in three wall thickness options: - Medium (standard size) wall thickness at 125 x 16 - Medium (standard size) wall thickness at 150 x 24 - 1.2mm wall thickness at 150 x 24 These test tubes are produced in borosilicate glass, which utilises a silica and boron trioxide composite, touted for its durability. Able to withstand high temperatures from various heat sources such as Bunsen burners or water baths, due to its extremely low thermal expansion, these glass test tubes are ideal for all of your requirements. It’s because of this that International Scientific’s glass test tube range can be used in various fields of science, such as chemistry, biosciences and clinical medicine. Whether you’re purchasing these for educational purposes, or if you require test tubes for professional matters, these all-purpose glass test tubes are designed to withstand repeated use. Why not add this product to your favourites whilst you browse for more labware related to International Scientific’s glass test tubes, such as our tongs and test tube racks?
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