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5 Top Tips on Extending the Lifespan of your Microscope!

Proper care and maintenance of your microscope is essential to its longevity and ideal performance.  Looked after properly, a good quality microscope will function well for many years.  Here we have gathered a few simple hints that will make a big difference to your microscope.


We recommend that your microscope is serviced every 180 hours or every two years, whichever comes first, and this work should be undertaken by a qualified technician.  Wear and tear is increased through lack of regular maintenance and considering the investment in the unit, it is prudent to ensure a log is kept of services undertaken.  ISG has a list of approved technicians who will undertake this work in your area.

In House Maintenance

You can easily undertake regular maintenance to your microscope.

1. Wipe down the frame and stage on a daily basis using our lint free antiseptic wipes.

2. Ensure the objectives are wiped each time before and after a session.

3. Allow the microscope to cool before replacing the dust cover.

4. Ensure the area around the microscope is kept clean and dust free.

Objectives and Lenses

It is very important that these optical parts of your microscope are treated with great care.  Scratches caused by dust, contact with the slides and lack of regular cleaning will impair the quality of your images.  If the eyepieces or lenses are removed they must be stored in the containers provided with your microscope, ensure they are cleaned before storing.

Immersion Oil

High quality immersion oil is essential for the good optical performance of your microscope. You should ensure the oil is applied sparingly and is removed thoroughly at the end of each session.  Failing to do this will impair the function of the lens as the oil will cause the spring mechanism to clog.  Use the oil correctly and make sure that you remove the oil after each use. Lens tissue is an excellent material for removing oil; alcohol or similar fluid may also be used to clean the surfaces.

And, finally…


Ensure your microscope is always kept in the ISG dust cover provided, it is important you allow your microscope to cool before replacing the cover.  Oil should be removed using ISG lens tissue and the surfaces of the microscope can be cleaned using ISG wipes.  Store your microscope in a cool dry place and avoid it being exposed to chemical fumes.

If you are looking for new microscopes, don’t miss our extensive range of high quality, durable microscopes available for you to browse through here. Or contact us today if you have any other queries regarding the care and maintenance of your microscopes!
5 Top Tips on Extending the Lifespan of your Microscope!
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